Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A ‘Renegade’ Feast of Light Dinner Menu
Saturday, April 30, 2011 7pm
“Potage Du Soleil” Farmer’s Market Patty Pan Squash Soup w/Rice Milk & Cashew Butter
Wild Teal Duck Spring Rolls & ‘Sutton’ Jalapeno Jelly
‘Schreck’ Farm Wild Foraged Greens, Pansies & Snap Dragons w/ Herbed Mason Jar Vinaigrette
Fried ‘Miabelle’ Chevre w/ Local ‘Fulhouse’ Honey & ‘Kimber’s” Herbs
Chilled Crisp Sea Salt Radishes on Buttered Baguette
Spicy ‘Axis Backstrap’ Szechuan Style w/ ‘J&J Farm’ 10/15 Onions
SETX Pheasant & Farmer’s Market Carrot Stew
Wok Fried Gulf Red Fish w/ Sweet Ginger
Farmer’s Market Spring Vegetable Stir-fry & Eight-Treasure Rice

Create-Your-Own-Reality Coconut-Ginger Ice Cream Sundaes

*Please bring your own spirit of choice.
*If it's wine bring a glass.
*We will have fruit flavored living water.
*Directions to Venue will be released on  Saturday morning to R.S.V.P patrons.

*If you play the Banjo or guitar-Bring them along!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Scoop!

Chef Monica Cobb, owner of Chef Monica’s Creations, is determined to make the recession tasty, one renegade dinner at a time.

Instead of holding a bougie caviar-and-champagne soiree to bring together an intimate group of foodies, Cobb and guest host have decided to throw a ‘Wild Caught Renegade Dinner’ to encourage their 50 guests to share tasty, wild, foraged bites of leafy greens & proteins. Guests’ will taste spirits, share tall fishing, hunting & cooking tales with select fisherman, foragers, growers and chefs.

The monthly dinner will take place in a secret Beaumont location each month to be announced the day of.  Each dinner will be artist inspired with local talent. The guest list will read as an eclectic mix of Beaumont artisans, business folk, farmers, teachers, free-lancers & networkers.

We encourage you to join our club with your e-mail & contact number so we can contact you with the directions and location to each dinner. We will choose random names from our list to create the dinner line-up. If you want to be included with one or more guests’ please specify.

But to be clear, the seemingly exclusive party is actually meant to be inclusive, as the hosts' goal is to create an atmosphere conducive to weaving the cultural backgrounds of SETX together with an intimate tasting of the Gulf Coast.

Please email with your name, email and phone number.