Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Renegade Dinner #4

(A Loving Tribute to my Dad, Monty Woodford, and his ‘Brother’ the Legendary Wild Game Hunter Larry Landes.)

Sacred Prayer w/ Zuni Piki Bread

‘Ancient tradition prepared by Rose Paywa of Zuni, New Mexico’

Watermelon-Jalapeno Gazpacho


Quartet of Southwestern Wild Game

Tapas Style

Antelope Tenderloin Flautas & Roasted Red Bell Couillis

Aoudad Sheep Stuffed Anaheim Chili Peppers & Mole Rojo

Wild Russian Boar Nachos & Cilantro Crema

Javelina Red Chili Tostados

Segundo Plato (Carnes)

Black Bear Tamale Red Chili  & Corn Queso Tamale Green Chili w/Calabacitas Con Queso

Platos Principales (Pescados)

Blue Corn Crusted Gulf Red Fish, Spotted Trout & Nectarine, Israeli Melon & White Peach Salsa w/ Pinto Bean-Quinoah Salad


Dark Chocolate-Chili Pot de Crème w/ Himalayan Sea Salt


Prepared with Love & Respect by: Chef Monica Cobb & Bill Fults

Jamica Tea  & Cucumber Water
Compliments of Nancy McGrade

Renegade Rita Bar (Sans Tequila)
Bring your choice of Tequila & a Glass
*Combine all three for a Hurricane Rita

Special Thanks to Leslie Hall for making the trip to Arizona happen.

Special Thanks to my Mom, Beatrice, for helping me make the tamales.
‘Fruits, Pintos, Corn & Israeli Melon furnished by:
 Elizabeth Winslow @ Farmhouse Delivery -Austin, Texas’

‘Vegetables & Miabelle Chevre furnished by:
Beaumont Farmer’s Market’

Bring your choice of Spirit and a glass if you need it.
Location to be announced this Saturday after Farmer's Market.
Gathering begins at 7:45

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