Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Renegade Dinner #6 ....9-24-11

Renegade Dinner #6

‘Sicilian Family Fall Dinner’

Saturday, 9.24.11 7:30pm Beaumont, TX

Cocktails & Greetings
(Bring your own glass)

 “Non essiri duci sinno tu mancianu,
non essiri amaru sinno ti futanu
Do not be sweet lest you be eaten, do not be too sour, lest you be shunned
Eggplant Caponata, Peperoncini Sotto Aceto, Orgasmo de la Boca's Smoked Olives, Cuccio’s Fresh Baked Bread w/ Herbed Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Chianti
Il primo
Cushaw & Butternut Squash Ravioli (Renegade Made)
& Brown Butter Sage
(Beaumont Farmer’s Market)
Il secondo
‘Rienstra Style’, Gulf Reds, Specs & Flounder

(Composed by Gina Morishige)
Il contorno
Gentz Longhorn Beef Short Rib &Wild Morel Mushroom Ragu & Creamy Polenta
(Morels foraged by Andre Kohler of So. Cal.)
Formaggio e frutta

'Renegade Made' Mozzarella, Cantaloupe, Arugula Sea Salt, 
Cracked Black Pepper & Balsamic Glaze
Prepared by:
Chef Monica Cobb, Carol Cuccio, Bill Fults & Jeff McNeill

Suggested Donation of $70 per person

Nimpha Mangiapane
Carol Cuccio's Great Great Grandmother


All Proteins are wild caught, shot & foraged.

 All Vegetables and Fruits are grown and traded locally.

All Artisan Cheese is hand-crafted locally.


Location will be announced Sat. Sept.24th, 2011

Please Bring your Spirit of Choice

***Please Bring Your Own Glass***

Think Local, Trade Local, Fish Local, Shoot Local, Forage Local, Eat Local & Drink Local

Chef Monica Cobb


  1. Hi there!! You may email me at and I will put you on the Renegade list. Unfortunately,we are sold out for this one but our next date is 10-29-11. Shoot me an email and I will keep you in the loop!!