Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Renegade Dinner #7

Renegade Dinner #7

‘Día de los Muertos’

Day Of the Dead Feast

Saturday, 10.29.11 7:00pm Beaumont, TX

Offerings & Homage 

  Flounder Ceviche Chips

“El águila no se entretiene en cazar moscas”
The eagle doesn´t waste time hunting flies

El Primero
Sopa Ranchero “Farmhouse Soup”
& Spicy Pickled ‘Yonder Way 
Farm’ Chicken Feet

El Segundo

‘YWF’ Trotter Terrine, Salted Garlic Chips, Jalapeno-Grapefruit Jelly, Pickled Red Onion & Pan De Muertos       
 (Bread of the Dead)

El Tercero
Ancho Mole Glazed ‘YWF’
 Beef Tongue, Crisped Plantains & Celery Root Puree

Coctel de vida pura
'La Santa Muerte' Pequin infusion de limon agave reposado
*By the Renegade Cocktail Goddess Gina Morishige

   El cuarto
Red Chili Fried Alligator, Maneados Sonorenses (Sonora 
Bean Puree) & Tangy Jicama-Radish Salad

El quinto
Flan de Naranja

Prepared by:
Chef Monica Cobb, Carol Cuccio, Hannah Persia & Bill Fults

All Proteins are wild caught, shot & foraged.
 All Vegetables and Fruits are grown and traded locally.
All Artisan Cheese is hand-crafted locally.

Location will be announced on Sat. morning
October. 29, 2011
Please Bring your Spirit of Choice
***Please Bring Your Own Glass***

Think Local, Trade Local, Fish Local, Shoot Local, Forage Local, Eat Local & Drink Local

Chef Monica Cobb

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